In November 16, 2023, the long abandoned SERNET-IX project had a big progress. The adoption of Zerotier made SERNET-IX access network much easier to configure and build, and more compatible, let SERNET-IX be a IXP Network everyone able to access.

Route Server and Zerotier access service in all regions are now operational, accept peering request.

For a peering request, you need to provide:

  • Zerotier Device ID

  • Node Identifier (Name of your node)

  • AS Number

  • Node Location

I MAY refuse your peering request for some reason, but in most cases, I will accept any peering request not violating agreement, please refer

After I accept your peering request, I’ll send you back those information:

  • Zerotier Network ID

  • Assigned IXP Network Addresses

  • RS IXP Network Addresses

For more information, please refer: